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Kube / About Us

What we do in the M2M/IoT Space

In this age of connectedness & IoT (Internet of things), has ushered in machine & device interconnectedness. The ecosystem in which devices and systems tend to exist in a complex environment compels the need for a simple, comprehensive & user friendly M2M solutions.

This is where Kube steps in to deliver a comprehensive, yet simple & user friendly M2M / IoT solution.

We provide customized and specific solutions, ensuring that you get a distinct futuristic edge and are prepared for the smart and connected ecosystems of tomorrow.

How we create a M2M Solution for you

Our Kube solution team comprises of specialists, who work with their expertise on the three vital aspects of an M2M eco system i.e. embedded systems, sensor technology & software applications.

Using core competencies in these domains, we design and deliver niche and innovative solutions for our customers within the shortest possible time. Our Industry leading Kube Satellite platform is one such example & has successfully been deployed to address business requirements in varied domains.