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Crane Management with M2M Solution

To provide an effective solution for crane fleet owners, kube engaged with SLI suppliers to forge a winning proposition using minimal incremental electronic hardware. This was done by integrating the onboard SLI (Safe Load Indicator) systems with custom configured gateways that relayed real-time data to Kube Satellite & providing access & visibility of crane operations.

A key factor of overload & unsafe lifting carried out by operators was curbed by notification alerts on the mobile app of supervisors & fleet owners. This enabled safe crane operations & also reduced damages to crane components thus saving costs. Another positive rub off was in way of helping the fleet owners gain contracts from big organizations where safety systems incorporation & monitoring was the key to business contracts.

Since these equipments are fuel guzzlers, monitoring of fuel & trends helped the end users & fleet owners plan consumption of fuel & its cost management.

The next milestone is now partnering with crane manufactures with a custom designed OEM suite on Kube platform.

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